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You Me At Six - o2 Brixton Academy - Monday 2nd April

You Me At Six - Brixton Academy - 2nd April 2012

I’ve got 4 Tickets, But i’m not going anymore. It’s this coming monday (3 Days Time) The tickets need a home :) Supports are We the Kings and Forever the Sickest Kids Please message me either on here or on facebook if you’re interested.

You Me At Six - o2 Brixton Academy - Monday 2nd April

You Me at Six - o2 Brixton Academy - Monday 2nd April 2012

I’ve got 4 tickets for this but can’t go anymore so if anyone’s interested in going and buying the tickets from me, Message me :)

Not looking forward to getting home.

I’ll have to Download iTunes 10.5 and ios5 of course but my phone isn’t synced to my pc anymore and half my music no longer exists. Lots of Downloading to do tonight :(


'Use Charizard. I'm a Pokémaster'

Definitely tickled pink.

Definitely tickled pink.

Maybe I’m just in love when you wake me up.

Ed Sheeran - +

Is good so far. Also, I forgot dr who was on. Shit. On demand it is. 


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Well this is fantastic

Not only have I had a shitty long day, and by long I mean I’ve been up for the past 17 hours, at the end of my long shitty day I see a nice little note about how I can’t do my job, there for everyone to see, and then I get home thinking I’ll have dinner to find that no. No one cooked dinner. They ordered takeaway. Pizzas and Indians. Oh and none for me. I’m just going to go straight to bed. Done with this shit.